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CROLAR Vol. 2, Nr.2,  Lo Urbano - Current Urban Research in and from Latin America


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The editorial team of  CROLAR  is pleased to present its fourth number, “Lo Urbano”. As the title indicates, “the urban” and urban phenomena in and from Latin America are in the focus of this issue. As a place of anonymous cohabitation and social diversity (Simmel 1903), as a sphere of capitalist reproduction and collective consumption (Castells 1974), from the imaginarios urbanos (García Canclini 1996) to the “Rebel Cities” (Harvey 2012) the city has inspired systematic analysis of the tight linkages between public space and collective culture, between space and capital accumulation, and of social discontent.

Today, Latin America is at once the most urbanized continent and home to the most striking social inequalities. Since the 1960s, private and public research on these topics has increased and regional governments have reacted by installing urban planning authorities. The long interdisciplinary tradition of Urban Studies in Latin America has predominantly focused on issues such as (extreme) poverty, segregation, insecurity, and violence. And yet, a questioning of the specificity of Latin American cities has only recently begun and with it a debate on the universality of urbanization processes, theories, and methodologies. What is more, beyond the dystopic image that generalizes peripheral “slums” to be an essential characteristic of the continent’s major cities, Urban Studies in and from Latin America increasingly access the potential and plurality of urbanization processes and approaches for their analyses.

Hence the question that drives the Focus section of  CROLAR's current issue: With respect to “the urban”, what can and has been learned from Latin America? We found several overlapping topics and lines of inquiry in current research in and from Latin America: (1) an interest in the translatability and mobility of concepts and methods and, connected to this, the question of hierarchies in knowledge production, which undermine global horizontal exchanges; (2) a persistent focus on how urban space is appropriated not only materially, but also on a symbolic level; (3) an opening-up towards the study of fragmented political sovereignties in the management and distribution of resources; (4) new methods for the analysis of urban segregation; (5) promising critical approaches to the long- lasting debate on urban informality; and (6) how commodification of cultural diversity and cultural expressions transform the space of America’s more..


Frank Müller, Anke Schwarz & The CROLAR Editorial Team





Vol 2, No 2 (2013): Lo Urbano

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF PDF (Español) PDF (Português (Brasil)) HTML HTML (Español) HTML (Português (Brasil))
Frank Müller, Anke Schwarz


Tim Edensor and Mark Jayne (eds.) (2012): Urban Theories Beyond the West: A World of Cities PDF (Português (Brasil)) HTML (Português (Brasil))
Leonardo Moreira Pascuti
Anne Huffschmid und Kathrin Wildner (eds.) (2013): Stadtforschung aus Lateinamerika PDF (Deutsch) HTML (Deutsch)
Frank Müller
Gisela Heffes (ed.) (2013): Utopías urbanas. Geopolíticas del deseo en América Latina PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
Jorge Joaquín Locane
Paola Alfaro d‘Alençon, Walter Alejandro Imilan and Lina María Sánchez (eds.) (2011): Lateinamerikanische Städte im Wandel PDF HTML
Franziska Lind
Viviane Mahieux (2011): Urban Chroniclers in Modern Latin America PDF HTML
Pedro M. Cameselle-Pesce
Markus-Michael Müller (2012): Public Security in the Negotiated State PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
Markus Hochmüller
Raúl Zibechi (2011): Territorien des Widerstands. Eine politische Kartographie der urbanen Peripherien Lateinamerikas PDF (Deutsch) HTML (Deutsch)
Monika Streule
André Cicalo (2012): Urban Encounters: Affirmative Action and Black Identities in Brazil PDF (Deutsch) HTML (Deutsch)
Sarah Lempp
Artemio Pedro Abba, David Kullock, Alicia Novick, Nidia Pierro and Mariana Schweitzer (2011): Horacio Torres y los mapas sociales PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
María Mercedes Di Virgilio Ferreyra
Emilio Pradilla Cobos (ed.) (2011): Ciudades compactas, dispersas, fragmentadas PDF HTML
Anke Schwarz
Thomas Maloutas and Kuniko Fujita (eds.) (2012): Residential Segregation in Comparative Perspective PDF HTML
Rodrigo Rodrigues-Silveira
Eduardo Cesar Leão Marques (2012): Opportunities and Deprivation in the Urban South PDF (Deutsch) HTML (Deutsch)
Markus Michael Müller
Gustavo Garza y Martha Schteingart (eds.) (2010): Desarrollo urbano y regional PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
Edgar Guerra Blanco
Felipe Hernández, Peter Kellett and Lea K. Allen (eds.) (2012): Rethinking the Informal City PDF HTML
Patricia Graf
Janice Perlman (2010): Favela: Four Decades of Living on the Edge in Rio de Janeiro PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
Ramiro Segura
metroZones (eds.) (2011): Urban Prayers. Neue religiöse Bewegungen in der globalen Stadt PDF HTML
Andrea Steinke
Olaf Kaltmeier (ed.) (2011): Selling EthniCity: Urban Cultural Politics in the Americas PDF (Deutsch) HTML (Deutsch)
Laura Kemmer
John T. Way (2012): The Mayan in the Mall: Globalization, Development and the Making of Modern Guatemala PDF HTML
Taylor Hawke Jardno
Arlene Dávila (2012): Culture Works: Space, Value, and Mobility Across the Neoliberal Americas PDF HTML
Jacob H Lederman
Review Essay: Arts, Culture and the City in Latin America PDF HTML
Christian Morgner

Classics Revisited

Lob (und Kritik) der Straße. Manuel Delgado zum öffentlichen als konfliktivem Raum PDF (Deutsch) HTML (Deutsch)
Anne Huffschmid


Pedro Moctezuma Barragán (2012): La Chispa. Orígenes del Movimiento Urbano Popular en el Valle de México PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
Jonathan Ulises Nolasco Cisneros

Current Debates

Lisa M. Glidden (2011): Mobilizing Ethnic Identity in the Andes PDF (Español) HTML (Español)
Rocío Elizabeth Vera Santos
Edward Gibson (2012): Boundary Control: Subnational Authoritarianism in Federal Democracies PDF (Deutsch) HTML (Deutsch)
Constantin Groll
Elsa Drucaroff (2011): Los prisioneros de la torre. Política, relatos y jóvenes en la postdictadura PDF HTML
Candela Marini

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