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CROLAR Vol. 5, No.2,
Digitalizing Urban Latin America


Digitalization refers to a multifaceted process which has experienced a vertiginous expansion on a global scale in the last few decades. This issue of CROLAR - Digitalizing Urban Latin America - A New Layer for Persistent Inequalities? -aims to explore one these facets: digitalization of urban space in Latin America.

Thus, the contributions submitted discuss how the advances in digital technology are connected to social inequalities in urban Latin America, and which social, political, cultural and economic opportunities and obstacles they offer for a more equal, just and participative urbanization... more

Frank Müller and Ramiro Segura
& the CROLAR Editorial Team


Vol 5, No 2 (2016): Digitalizing Urban Latin America - A New Layer for Persistent Inequalities?

Table of Contents


Editorial CROLAR Vol. 5(2)


I-Polis. Ciudades en la era de Internet de Susana Finquelievich (2016)
Ulises Girolimo
Virtualização do corpo e sexualidades online: encontros gay, gênero e performatividade de Kaciano Barbosa Gadelha (2015)
Nicolas Wasser

Review Articles

Localizing Surveillance: All eyes on Latin America
Claudio Altenhain
Mediaciones tecnofeministas en contra de la violencia a las mujeres en México
Marcela Suárez Estrada

Special Section

“A realidade de um tiroteio é muito mais forte que qualquer curso de IT” Interview with Nailton de Agostinho Maia
“Smart Cities for whom, for which Citizens?” Interview with Lucas Melgaço


Carlos Eduardo Alba Villalever

Current Debates

Sabina Garcia Peter
Development Discourse and Global History: From Colonialism to the Sustainable Development Goals by Aram Ziai (2015)
Maximiliano Vila Seoane
Carlos A. Pérez Ricart

Complete Edition

Complete Edition CROLAR Vol. 5(2)