Call for Reviews: Volumen 4 (1): “Gender and Deviance in Latin America”



A concept of long tradition in sociological research, deviance has grosso modo been defined as the conduct(s) that break with the socially acceptable standard and is (are) therefore subject to social regulation and management. The aim of this issue of CROLAR is to collect reviews of publications based on the historic and social Latin American contexts that approach deviance both theoretically and empirically in a broader sense, that is, not just as conduct but also as values, lifestyles, physical appearance and identities. These could be, for example, works that analyze the relative increase of incarceration of women, the increase in gender violence, the feminization of the workforce in Latin America, the moral panic about irregular female migration, and others. We also want to invite you to review publications on regions that discuss the importance of these issues for Latin America within a perspective of global entanglements.


Based on Anderson (2014) we propose a multidisciplinary framework that reveals deviance as a political, social, anthropological, psychological and medical phenomenom, which provides new and exciting possibilities to understand social organization and the construction and experiencia of deviance and social control.


We are specifically interested in reviews from publications that approach the relation between the category of gender and the classical branches of deviance studies such as anomie, social disorganization, social pathology, degeneracy, labeling, stigma, deviant career, moral panics, critical criminology; as well as the relation of gender and broader and more contemporary views of these concepts such as general strain theory, collective efficacy, medicalization, resistance, agency, edgework, life-course criminology, risk societies, mass incarceration and cultures of control. We also embrace reviews for works that approach the relation of gender and deviance from the point of view of critical race theory and queer theory.


We actively encourage reviews on publications that focus not only on control and marginalization but also on how gendered locations are used strategically for demands of citizenship and the recognition of unique social and cultural expressions as well as lifestyles and identities. Works that address interconnections between classic and contemporary approaches to deviance are welcome.


Lastly, we are also looking for reviews on works that transcend the limits of academic production, aimed at a larger audience and related to current events. They will be published in the “Intervenciones” section and may include reviews of works by journalists, activists, practitioners, artists and others. For this particular section we encourage reviewers to write about projects that do not have a book format, such as documentaries, blogs, websites and artistic projects.


Reviews must be sent before 15.10.2014. They can be written in spanish, english, portuguese or german. Ideally, the review should be in a different language than the reviewed publication or project. The formal requirements for the reviews can be found at


We are looking forward to reading from you! If you are interested in writing a review or have any other suggestions or questions please contact the editors of the volume: Laura Aguirre ( and Jennifer Chan (jehnchan[at]


Posted: 2013-12-01
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